Schiff Clients Update as of Tuesday , April 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM EST

Good afternoon Schiff Dental Clients
I hope each of you are doing well and are safe!
We are here for you!

Today, we were informed from our sources within the ADA and the SBA, the PPP Loans will be fully funded by this Thursday, April 16, 2020. So, if you have already filed for your PPP Loan with your Bank, you should be in line to receive your allotted 2020 PPP funds!

However, IF YOU HAVE NOT YET applied for your PPP Loan, I would suggest you start to gather the various documents ( see list below) tonight and submit them within your Banks Portal immediately. Many national consultants are suggesting you wait to apply for your PPP Loans. If I were you , I would not pay attention to this information and file for your PPP Loan BEFORE the designated funds run out .

Many Banks are requiring the following financial documents:

  1. Drivers License – front and back
  2. 2019 Employee W-2’s
  3. 2019 Health Insurance paid
  4. 2019 401k  / SIMPLE Match
  5. 2019 State Unemployment Taxes Paid
  6. Signed and Dated PPP Loan Application

Good luck! Please start the process ASAP…….We are here for you!
Stay well!
My best