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7 Goal-Setting Strategies for Your Dental Practice | Dental CPAs

Have you defined goals for your practice? Planning and achieving milestones provides a sense of personal satisfaction, inspiration to others, and often, greater profitability. Whether you want to double your patient flow, open a second office, or become a key opinion leader (KOL), your goals can be attainable if you create a strategy and work […]

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How to Get More Out of Hygiene Appointments | Dental CPA Near Me

Academy of Dental CPAs Dental hygiene appointments are a major revenue driver for most dental practices. They are responsible for about one-third of total production numbers for most practices. Making the most of these appointments can help to improve profitability. A recent study shows that there is room for improvement. Just 17 percent of dentists […]

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How Team Morale Impacts Your Practice | Academy of Dental CPAs

Dental Accountant Near Me The days seem to fly by in a dental practice, barely leaving time for you to check in with your team. Do you really know how they are feeling about work? Dental practices, like any healthcare organization, can be stressful and busy environments, but as a leader, you need to ensure […]

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Are You Ready for an Audit? | Dental CPA Near Me

The prospect of an IRS audit can be a daunting experience, especially now that the government is expecting greater levels of accountability. An effective way to beat the stress associated with that dreaded envelope in the mail is to be proactive. While a dental accountant can help to buffer you against an audit, there are […]

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Are You Making an Informed Acquisition? | ADCPA

Whether you are creating a startup or purchasing an existing practice, the acquisition process comes with tax challenges. Make sure you are prepared and have all the information needed to complete your forms. Our dental accounting firm can help you run the numbers and determine your costs. Here are other factors to consider when purchasing […]

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Does Your Dental Office Make the Right Impression? | Academy of Dental CPAS

When patients walk through your office door, they form an immediate impression about your practice. No matter how competent you are, and no matter how friendly your team is, your practice will be judged by what people see up front. Increasingly, they want more than just a clean office. Make the Waiting Room Look Like […]

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The Financial Rewards of Work-Life Balance in Your Dental Practice | Dental Accountants

Work-life balance is essential for productivity and long-term financial success. Here are tips on how to balance personal time with business needs for both you and your team.  Motivating Your Team Work-life balance needs to be built into your practice values. If your employees are well-rested and feel their family life is manageable, they are […]

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How Do You Handle After-Hours Phone Calls? | Dental Accountant Near Me

Time is money, and if you are not taking advantage of after-hours phone calls at your dental practice, you could be missing out on new opportunities to connect with patients and grow your practice.  Academy of Dental CPAs You may have created an effective marketing strategy that is getting the phone to ring, and you […]

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Smart Ways to Plan for Retirement | Dental CPA Near Me

No matter how long you have been practicing dentistry, it’s important to put a retirement plan in place. Act now to create a realistic savings timeline for a comfortable senior lifestyle. Here are some questions to ponder as you consider your retirement strategy.  Academy of Dental CPAs How much are you currently saving? When you […]

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How Patient Complaints Can Help Your Business | Dental CPA

No one likes to see a patient complaint. Unfortunately, you can be the most compassionate dentist with an exemplary team and follow procedures to a T, and still get a few complaints. Our advice: use them as opportunities. Dental Accountant Near Me The complaint may have a kernel of truth or completely baseless; the important […]