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Does Your Dental Office Make the Right Impression? | Academy of Dental CPAS

When patients walk through your office door, they form an immediate impression about your practice. No matter how competent you are, and no matter how friendly your team is, your practice will be judged by what people see up front. Increasingly, they want more than just a clean office. Make the Waiting Room Look Like […]

academy of dental cpas

The Financial Rewards of Work-Life Balance in Your Dental Practice | Dental Accountants

Work-life balance is essential for productivity and long-term financial success. Here are tips on how to balance personal time with business needs for both you and your team.  Motivating Your Team Work-life balance needs to be built into your practice values. If your employees are well-rested and feel their family life is manageable, they are […]

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How Do You Handle After-Hours Phone Calls? | Dental Accountant Near Me

Time is money, and if you are not taking advantage of after-hours phone calls at your dental practice, you could be missing out on new opportunities to connect with patients and grow your practice.  Academy of Dental CPAs You may have created an effective marketing strategy that is getting the phone to ring, and you […]

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Smart Ways to Plan for Retirement | Dental CPA Near Me

No matter how long you have been practicing dentistry, it’s important to put a retirement plan in place. Act now to create a realistic savings timeline for a comfortable senior lifestyle. Here are some questions to ponder as you consider your retirement strategy.  Academy of Dental CPAs How much are you currently saving? When you […]

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How Patient Complaints Can Help Your Business | Dental CPA

No one likes to see a patient complaint. Unfortunately, you can be the most compassionate dentist with an exemplary team and follow procedures to a T, and still get a few complaints. Our advice: use them as opportunities. Dental Accountant Near Me The complaint may have a kernel of truth or completely baseless; the important […]

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Can One Toxic Employee Spoil Your Practice? | Dental Accountants

Hiring new employees is time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes expensive. It’s no wonder, then, that many businesses find it more cost-effective and less emotionally taxing to retain employees, even if they turn out to be a negative influence. Enter the devastating effect of the toxic employee.  Dental offices tend to be small and close-knit, which makes […]

Schiff Client Update, Friday, January 15, 2021

PPP2 Loans – as a reminder, you will qualify for a PPP2 Loan if your Fee Income is down at least 25% or more for any calendar quarter when comparing 2020 to 2019. Your best chances of meeting this requirement are Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019. If you have not done so, you are welcome […]

PPP2 Loan Applications are now available!

Many of you have inquired about the PPP2 and the application process for such. Just now, the SBA released the PPP2 application. Please click on the link below: https://home.treasury.gov/system/files/136/PPP-Second-Draw-Borrower-Application-Form.pdf Please keep in mind, in order to qualify for this next round of funding (PPP2) you must be able to prove your collections were down by […]

Schiff Client Update, December 31, 2020

PPP#1 Loans Covered Expenses paid with your PPP#1 Loan will now be tax deductible for money already received PPP#1 funds will not be taxable income, which means the expenses paid with the PPP#1 funds will be tax deductible The New Tax Bill, that President Trump signed on Sunday, December 27, 2020, repeals the requirement of deducting […]

Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief (ACRR)

This morning the text of the new Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief (ACRR) legislation was released. If the legislation is passed by Congress and signed into law, it will include the following items: 1.  PPP Deductibility – Expenses used to obtain loan forgiveness will be deductible. 2.  EIDL Grant taxability – The EIDL Grant (up to $10,000 received […]