Important Message from the ADA and AGD

Ask your members of Congress to include dentistry in COVID-19 relief packages
As you know, the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has resulted in dentistry taking action to stop its spread. The ADA has called for dentists to stop performing elective procedures until further notice to curtail the virus. This has resulted in significant negative repercussions to the cash flows of many dentists around the country.To address the issues stemming from actions taken by dentistry to halt the spread of COVID-19, we are asking that Congress include dentistry in any COVID-19 relief packages. We are seeking for Congress to include these measures to help the profession:Easing and expediting the process for businesses to apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans through the Small Business Administration.Deferring all monthly payments on federal student loans for all health care professionals, including dentists, without penalty.Deferring or eliminating payroll tax matching and payments, as well as deferring quarterly income tax payments for small business owners.Providing additional tax cuts for small businesses, which could include expanding Section 199A to include all small businesses regardless of income.Applying all telehealth de-regulation to virtual check-ins for dental evaluations (teledentistry) and support payment for these services within both Medicaid as well as commercial plans.Waiving an Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax for 2020 for small business employers with under 50 employees or freeze the current rate.Requiring all business Interruption Insurance policies to cover national emergencies, including those related to diseases such as COVID-19.Allowing for a onetime withdrawal without penalty from an individual’s 401k.We believe that including these policies in any COVID-19 stimulus package will help the dentists, like yourself, that are taking voluntary action to prevent any further spread of the virus. Take action today by asking your Senators and Representative to include programs aimed at helping dentistry in any COVID-19 relief packages. Thank you, Mike GrahamSenior Vice PresidentGovernment and Public Affairs Click here to take action now!
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Tell Congress to consider dentistry in COVID-19 response

AGD is contacting you to ask for your help in generating support for targeted relief funding for dental practices amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Many dentists are voluntarily postponing elective procedures to help combat the spread of COVID-19, leaving them on the hook for fixed practice expenses while facing a significant dip in revenues.As Congress and the Administration move forward with developing an economic stimulus package that will support health care providers and their patients during this crisis, AGD is working to ensure that general dentists and their patients are included in those proposals.AGD has requested that direct financial support be allocated to ensuring the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and supporting the many dental practices that are facing financial hardship due to voluntarily postponement of elective procedures in response to the spread of COVID-19.Three weeks of lost billings for a general dentist that owns their practice could, on average, amount to a loss of over $41,000, while potentially incurring over $23,000 in practice expenses, excluding owner dentist salaries. The nationwide impact on general dentists of lost billings from elective procedures coupled with fixed practice expenses during a 3-week period will amount to financial losses in the billions of dollars, even by low-end impact estimates. These losses will undoubtedly harm the nation’s economy and the ability of dentists to maintain their practices and deliver care to patients.We need your help to elevate this message in Congress by voicing your concerns to the legislators who represent you in Washington, D.C.Please Take Action and Urge Your Members of Congress to Support COVID-19-Related Relief for Dentistry Today!Click here to tell Congress to consider dentistry in COVID-19 response!
My best to all…please stay healthy!