Dental CPA Near Me | How to Choose the Right Dental CPA


Hiring a dental specific CPA (certified public accountant) for your practice not only provides greater financial transparency; it’s an excellent resource for making informed business decisions. If you’re considering hiring a dental CPA, it’s important to know what qualities to look for in candidates. The following are important steps in helping determine the ideal CPA for you.

Determine Your Needs

Before you start looking for an accountant, determine why you need a dental CPA. Are you looking for a CPA to help with your financial business strategy? Do you need help with your bookkeeping or filing your taxes? Once you determine your specific needs, you can assess which skills you should look for in a dental CPA.

Ask Around

Colleagues experienced in running their own practices can be a helpful resource in providing advice on this process. Ask what traits they look for in a CPA. With their knowledge in mind, begin conducting your own research guided by your particular needs.

Here are some general questions to ask yourself when looking for a dental CPA:

  • Do they meet my specific needs?
  • Are they up-to-date with their knowledge? Do they use modern software?
  • Are they established and reputable?
  • What dental practices do they currently represent?

Look for Dental Industry Experience

Many accountants spend a majority of their time working with clients in a vast number of industries and don’t necessarily have specific experience with dentistry. If you are looking for an accountant with dental industry knowledge, contact ADCPA today. We offer a variety of services to fit everyone’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you.