Dental Accountants | How to Create a Patient Friendly Environment

Dental offices can be intimidating for patients when they first walk through the door. New patients may be faced with a busy office phone ringing and the sounds of dental equipment in the background. These situations can add to the anxiety new patients may be feeling. Here are three strategies that your dental office can use to create a more patient-friendly atmosphere.

Friendly Front Desk Team

The first person a patient interacts with at a dental office is the front desk team. Not only will that team member be providing the first impression of the practice, but they will also be the one interacting with patients for future appointments. Having a friendly employee at the front desk can go a long way in creating a positive first impression, while alleviating any additional concerns patients may have. Compassionate team members will show patients how easy it is to work with your team and build patient loyalty.

Have a Presentable Waiting Room

The waiting time after arriving at a dental office can be nerve-wracking for anxious patients. Creating a presentable and welcoming waiting room can help lessen their stress. Amenities as simple as comfortable chairs and reading materials can help a patient take their mind off a visit. Creating a separate play area for children will keep them occupied while also helping to keep the noise level of the area down.

Communication is Key

Good communication can remove frustrations and keep the patient up to date regarding their oral health. Additionally, you will be able to build a strong doctor-patient relationship. Review all the options that a patient has for any needed treatment, cover different payment methods, and discuss easy ways to schedule appointments. Strong communication will keep your patients returning back to your office.

Provide each patient a great experience. Not only will your patients be happy with their dental care, but they can become referral sources for new patients. With these three strategies, your office can take a step in the right direction for creating a patient-friendly environment.

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